<span>Angora</span> goats

Angora goats

<span>Ganora</span> farm

Ganora farm

<span>Bushman</span> art

Bushman art

Great Karoo

A huge plateau Great Karoo in the southern part of the country is famous for its unique flora and fauna and some special energetics.  To many people, the latter could seem a bit mystic but there is something. It is not by accident, that many artists, sculptors and craftsmen are leaving and working in this region. Their village  Nieu Bethesda became world renowned after Hollywood made a movie about Helen Martins, a local sculptor and  Кathy Bates, an Oscar winner, played one of main roles. Helen Martins was leaving in Nieu Bethesda for many years. The famous Owl House, her house museum, has a fascinating collection of sculptures from glass and cement. It is attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The Great Karoo is a place of  African history, from ancient bushmen  to  white settlers. The Great Trek laid in this region. This land was a place of battles between white settlers and black tribes, the Anglo-Boer War and other historic events of South Africa.

This  area  boasts many historic towns, such as Graaff-Reinet also known as the “Gem of the Karoo”. Graff-Reinet has more historic monuments than any other place in the country. Thre are about 200 such monuments in the town. The Valley of Desolation, famous for its canyons, is situated not far from the town. The Karoo plateau is a a huge storehouse of fossilised remains of reptiles and mammals, one of paleontological centers of the world. It is also well known for the Bushman rock art. Hundreds of rock painitings were found at various shelters at Karoo farms.


…something similar to some places along the Garden Route, we have seen in other countries. Karoo is unique, this is real Africa
Elena Averina, Editor-in-chief, Voyazh


The Karoo semi-desert was well described by Russian journalists visited this region in the frame of joint media projects with Cape Mosaic.  (Любовь и страусы, Приключение для продвинутых   пользователей,   На юг Африки к диким зверям  and others). All visitors noted that the time spent at Karoo farms was the highlight of their trip to this country.  The Karoo farms, wool and mohair, ostrich and Cape buffalo, give a real feeling of African colour. There one can experience an unigue African nature, safari, authentic farm meals from organic products etc.  in Karoo will leave a memory for the whole life. Some journalists were also lucky to experience  successful hunting in the Camdeboo mountains and brought back a trophy to Moscow. The Russian visitors  agreed that the Great Karoo became the brightest part of their trip to South Africa.  As noted Elena Averina, Editor-in-chief, magazine “Voyazh”, “…someting similar to some places along the Garden Route, one can see in other countries.  Karoo is unique, this is real Africa.”