<span>At Schanscraal</span> farm

At Schanscraal farm


Russia is a lucrative market that amounts to about 40 million people travelling abroad every year. It is not surprising that the local tourism departments are quite active on this market.The lack of knowledge about the Eastern Cape on the Russian tourist market necessitated an awareness campaign in this region. From 2003, our company is playing a key role in promotional activities in Russia and CIS. The campaign was carried out in close co-operation with the Eastern Cape Tourism Board, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, Graaff-Reinet Publicity Association, SA National Parks and the best tourist attractions in the province. Cape Mosaic is presently the only company actively promoting Eastern Cape on the Russian market. In the light of the economic crisis in Europe, an interest in alternative markets, such as Russia and China, is growing. In December 2011, on the initiative of NMBT, a Russian Tourism Market Task Group was created. Apart from the NMBT, the leading game reserves, National Parks, hotels and entertaining complex “Boardwlk” took part in this initiative.

Our company is a co-ordinator of this initiative in the Eastern Cape province. The company is providing local tourism departments, private companies and National Parks with information about the Russian outbound tourism distributing an e-newsletter “Spark”. In the frame of promotional campaign in Russia, Cape Mosaic has implemented a number of projects, such as visits of journalist groups to the Eastern Cape, familiarisation trips for Russian tour operators and travel agents, producing TV series jointly with the Russian TV channel “Russia”, distributing an e-newsletter on the Russian travel market etc.